Kevin Arnone

Bio: Meteorologist Kevin Arnone joined Storm Team 8 in April of 2014 as the Executive Producer of Weather. Born and raised in Orange,CT, Kevin grew up watching the meteorologists at WTNH. Kevin Graduated from Western Connecticut State University in 2012 with a B.S. in Operational Meteorology. Kevin’s interest for weather started at the age of 9 while on vacation in Florida a Tornado ripped through the area. "Dr. Mel, I want to be a meteorologist like you when I grow up. How do I plan for it?" This was ten year old Kevin's question to Dr. Mel Goldstein's at his book signing promoting The Idiot's Guide to Weather. As a youngster, Kevin's friends were all well aware of his interest in meteorology. They would often call him to see if school would be canceled the next day due to adverse weather conditions. Through the years, Kevin's passion for weather never faded. Kevin is realizing his childhood dream of becoming a weatherman. Dr. Mel was correct when he autographed his book to Kevin, 'To a future meteorologist!'

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